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  • Document contains administration guidelines, monitoring tips and techniques and summarized tuning guidelines from published SAP sources

  • Struggling with how to set up, initially configure and load balance a Business Objects cluster on premise? This document shows how and what can be done with most common BO 4x features.

  • New to SAP based business reporting ? This document covers general topics and common misconceptions and pokes light fun at how most reporting projects are executed

  • Shared (with permission) from my old friend Mico Yuk – the champion of data storytelling mastery, this is a link to learn about how you can make a difference within your organiztion in helping everyone more productively gain actionable insights.

    BI Brainz Data Storytelling Mastery

  • SAP has frequently changed, improved and added frontewndtools for BI reporting. They prove detailed guideance on how menus work, and on specific features, but not always how best to administer, rollout and support the tools, and the guides sometimes miss details important to help desk support. This guide brings to light some issues and resolutions unclear from guides that required insightful resource to resolve