When the magic wand is not working as well as the sales guy said…

[insert photo of magic wand “break glass in case of emergency” ]

When you are out of ideas, and faced with an urgent problem, and so many fingers pointing you cant see the parking lot through your window and your boss is considering the most efficient murder method, what do you do?

We all know there is often no magic wand, just as there is always an explanation, however deep in a log for what happened, though not always a retrospective automation that can prevent any future recurrences.

How should you react? What is the best way to communicate while troubleshooting? ….[etc]

Visionary Leadership from inside a project management swimlane

Discuss a few was to inspire a team and create value when you are asked to just execute converting a few old reports to …the same old reports on a new system, an all to familiar fate for many of us BI professionals

Often as consultants, we are asked to recreate wheels and not leverage our design skills, or to present old data in a new, and more quickly consumable way…

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Top Down Troubleshooting Tips

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Efficient system administration thought process


Seen on the wall of a server room…

IT Department Rules:
Don’t touch the keyboard without planning!

Change happens! But please don’t change something that works on the fly.

Make a BACKUP first. Of everything

Implement NEW FEATURE on a COPY of your site. NEVER on the original.


Really makes you wonder what happened…and sympathize with the lost time and mental stress caused when you forget these basic rules for even “simple changes”.